Kansas Communities Receive Grants from PRIDE Program

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Manhattan, KSThe Kansas PRIDE program has put its support behind park improvements, a maker space, community signage and several other community volunteer projects in Kansas as part of a bigger effort to enhance the quality of life for their residents and visitors.


Officials with the organization announced funding awards for this fall. Kansas PRIDE is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension, the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Kansas Masons and Kansas PRIDE, Inc.

Through the Kansas PRIDE funding program, Kansas communities identify what they want to preserve, create or improve for the future. Volunteers form a local PRIDE organization that works with K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Department of Commerce to accomplish its goals.

“Kansas PRIDE is a volunteer-led organization,” said Jaime Menon, co-coordinator with Kansas PRIDE. “These grants allow an opportunity to fund the hard work the volunteers provide in their communities and the state.”

She adds: “Each community has its own unique structure, culture and assets, and Kansas PRIDE volunteers work to bring out the best in their communities and promote what they have to offer. Through the work of these volunteers, Kansas communities continue to thrive and be a great place to live and raise a family.”

For Fall, 2022, a Kansas PRIDE Community Growth grant of $200 was awarded to Silver Lake for a community signage project.

Kansas PRIDE Community of Action grants were awarded to four local PRIDE organizations for the following projects:

  • Blue Rapids – Blue Rapids Square Sound System ($1,525).
  • Columbus – Planter Boxes ($1,525).
  • Delia – Community Center Roof Project ($2,000). 
  • Perry – Perry Parks and Fitness Improvements ($2,000). 

    The Community of Action grant offers a one-to-one match with communities that can provide funding up to the maximum amount of $2,000 per project for PRIDE communities that qualify. Community of Action Grant applications are available in two rounds of funding per year.

    Volunteers Impact PRIDE grants are made available through a partnership with the Kansas Masons. This year’s grant was awarded to:

  • Russell PRIDE Maker Space Project ($7,635).

    Volunteers Impact PRIDE grants are awarded for larger projects that meet important community needs and require local Masonic Lodge endorsement as well as a committed labor match. According to Menon, the Kansas Masons also provide opportunities for funding at the local level through some Masonic Lodges.

    For more information, interested persons may contact the Kansas PRIDE office by email, PRIDE@ksu.edu.

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