August is National Back To School Month

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This Tuesday (August 1) marks National Back-to-School Month —  time for students and teachers to ditch the pool and gear up for the school year

And according to a recent survey conducted by (TopCashback), the USA’s most generous cash back site, more than half of Americans (56%) have skipped school.

The survey polled a cross-section of 2,997 adults, aged 18 and over.

Below, please find a selection of relevant stats from the survey. You’re more than welcome to attribute us and relay these results to your audience.

When do/did you typically start shopping for back-to-school supplies?

  • Late summer (41%)
  • Throughout the year (28%)
  • Middle of summer [peak season] (25%)
  • Once school ends [late spring/early summer] (6%)

Which of the following do you plan to do in order to save money this back-to-school season? (select all that apply) [top four responses]

  • Shopping sales (73%)
  • Using a cash back website (61%)
  • Using coupons (59%)
  • Reusing last year’s back-to-school supplies (39%)

Do you plan to shop back-to-school sales?

  • Yes (75%)
  • No (25%)

Do you think homework is beneficial for students?

  • Yes (83%)
  • No (17%)

What’s your go-to excuse when you didn’t do your homework? (select up to 2 responses) [top five responses]

  • I told the truth. (44%)
  • “I left it at home.” (23%)
  • “I didn’t understand the assignment.” (23%)
  • “I was sick/had a family emergency.” (17%)
  • “I didn’t know there was an assignment.” (11%)

Did you ever start/participate in a food fight?

  • No (84%)
  • Yes (16%)

Did you ever fall asleep in class?

  • Yes (51%)
  • No (49%)

Did you ever skip school?

  • Yes (56%)
  • No (44%)

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