Cloud County Community College Board Discusses Possible Changes

By Payton Tholstrup

The Cloud County Community College Board of Trustees met yesterday, October 24th, to discuss changes to tuition they are considering making for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

The first change the board hopes to make is to increase tuition costs for international students. The current tuition for international students is $138 per credit hour which is $70 below the median cost per credit hour in Kansas.

The board is also hoping to raise technology fees. Right now, the average cost of technology fees in the state is $21.80 per credit hour. With the use of technology increasing day by day, the board believes it is in the school’s best interest to raise the fee from $10 to $20 per credit hour. With the school having an enrollment count of 30,000 credit hours, this would almost double the school’s revenue.

The administration will meet with students and the Student Senate to hear their feedback regarding the potential increase in technology fees. An actual proposal will be presented at the next regular meeting in either December or January.

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