Governor Laura Kelly’s “Axe the Food Tax” Plan: Here’s What They’re Saying

TOPEKAGovernor Laura Kelly’s plan to “Axe the Food Tax” continues to garner widespread support from Kansans across the state.  
Kansas is one of seven states in the nation that fully taxes groceries. Kansas’ food sales tax rate is 6.5%, the second-highest rate in the country. Governor Kelly’s plan cuts the state sales tax on groceries to zero and saves the average Kansas family of four $500 a year. 
Here’s what they’re saying:

[VIDEO] “No one should struggle to put food on the table because of the high food tax. It takes a toll on our local businesses as we try to keep our workforce in Kansas and it’s harmful to our economy. Eliminating the state’s food tax will make a big difference for Kansas families.”
-Governor Laura Kelly 

[VIDEO] “I’m Luis Estrada, a resident of Shawnee County and a father of three. I am urging that my state representatives help eliminate the state sales tax on groceries. This will give relief to every Kansan, no matter if you’re rural, urban single, married, or how many kids you have.”
-Luis Estrada, Unite Kansas 

[VIDEO] “The pandemic led to higher prices for a number of items we buy every week and Kansans need relief. Eliminating the state tax on food lowers grocery bills and puts money back in the pockets of every Kansan.”
Senator David Haley, District 4 
[VIDEO] “Eliminating the state tax on food lowers grocery bills and puts money back in the pocket of every Kansan.”
-Becca Spielman, YWCA Northeast Kansas
[VIDEO] “There’s absolutely no reason our legislators can’t eliminate this as soon as possible. It just makes common sense. Now is the time to axe the food sales tax.” 
-Rep. Mary-Lynn Poskin, District 20

[VIDEO] “Kansas has one of the highest state sales tax rates in the nation. Now is the time to ‘Axe the Food Tax.’”
– Rep. Ponka-We Victors, District 103 

[VIDEO] “A complete elimination of the food sales tax benefits every Kansan. That’s right, every Kansan will save with this complete elimination of the food sales tax. Join me in calling for your legislators to ‘Axe the Food Tax.’”
-Rep. Linda Featherston, District 16

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