Kansas School District to Benefit from Clean School Bus Grant

By Trish Svoboda

On Tuesday, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced schools in Kansas and Nebraska are set to receive funds through its Clean School Bus Program’s Grant Competition, as part of its commitment to enhancing air quality.

According to a release, First Student was selected to receive $13,100,000 for the purchase of clean school buses in Kansas and Missouri, and Highland CSB was selected to receive $20,760,000 to purchase buses in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Schools and school districts that will receive one or more buses include:

· Academie Lafayette (Kansas City, Missouri)

· Normandy Schools Collaborative (St. Louis County, Missouri)

· St. Louis Public Schools (St. Louis, Missouri)

· Topeka Unified School District 501 (Topeka, Kansas)

· Umo N Ho N Nation Public Schools (Omaha Tribe of Nebraska Reservation in Macy, Nebraska)

According to EPA’s website, the program has shown a significant impact on school districts and communities nationwide. Air pollution from older diesel engines is connected to adverse health effects, such as asthma. This effort is aimed at promoting cleaner air, benefiting the health of students, bus drivers, school staff, and the surrounding community.

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