Miltonvale and Glasco Switch to Four-Day School Week

By Trish Svoboda

Miltonvale and Glasco schools have made the switch to a four-day school week. Superintendent Roger Perkins said so far it’s going well. The decision was made due to the difficulty finding teachers that are afflicting schools across the U.S. At meetings with other superintendents who had already made the switch, those with 4-day work weeks received applications. Once the switch was made at Miltonvale and Glasco schools, all five of their needed positions were filled.

They were given the decision between having Mondays or Fridays off, and Perkins said Mondays were chosen for the convenience of scheduling things like doctors’ appointments, as many offices close early on Fridays. He also said teachers will be there one Monday a month for in-services.

Perkins was asked if they would keep the four-day week in the future.

He also said other schools that have adopted the shorter school week have seen great results. One thing that’s already being noticed is fewer absences, a trend he hopes will continue throughout the year.

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