River Valley Extension District Shares Tips on Helping Kids Get Ready For A New School Year

Now that its August, school is gearing up to start again. The River Valley Extension District shared tips on how to make the transition back to school as smooth as possible. Implementing routines and schedules can ease the stress of returning to school.

One of the first things you can do is establish a bedtime routine for your child. Writing down the routine can be helpful, or for younger children, visualization helps as well. Use pictures or a chart to help them learn the routine, which can include brushing teeth, changing clothes, etc. Routines help children learn responsibility. They also help boost their self-esteem and learn how to do tasks independently.

Morning routines are also important. Trying to get everyone out the door for school and work in a timely manner in the morning can be quite the challenge. Written or picture routines can help. Children can also use alarm clocks to wake themselves.

Make sure everything is organized and has a place where backpacks, lunch boxes, and shoes go after school, that way in the morning, no one is scrambling to find the items they need for the day.

Take the time to talk to your children and be present. Ask them for their input on routines if they are old enough.

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