‘Blizzard of Oz’ Performance to Take the Stage at the Brown Grand Theatre

Press Release:

(Concordia, Kansas) – You’re invited to join the Brown Grand Players for their original performance of ‘Blizzard of Oz’ set to take the stage November 10th and 11th at 7:00 pm, and November 12th at 2:00 pm at the Brown Grand Theatre in Concordia.

Written by local playwright, Kristina Frost, and directed by the President of the Brown Grand Players Board, Whitney Jones, this Christmas comedy is a show that you definitely won’t want to miss.

In this captivating play for all ages, the enchanting world of Santa’s Village is struck by a calamity as Santa falls ill just days before Christmas. It is up to the brave and determined Ruby to embark on a treacherous journey through a relentless 100-year blizzard to find the fabled Arctic Wizard who holds the key to Santa’s recovery and the salvation of Christmas.

Along the way, Ruby encounters a myriad of whimsical characters, including a forest of gnomes, dancing poinsettias, and the lovely Princess Nivia, all while facing daunting challenges and overcoming her own fears. With the fate of Christmas hanging in the balance, Ruby’s unwavering determination and the power of friendship become the driving force that will save Santa and bring joy to the world once more.

Seasoned actors as well as first-timers will grace the stage in November, making the cast of characters quite diverse. The ensemble includes a mix of Players and community members as well as students from Cloud County Community College, Concordia Elementary School, Concordia Middle School, and Concordia Junior/Senior High School.

Frost plays the part of Mrs. Snirt and her Oz counterpart, the Wicked Arctic Witch. As the author, Frost had initially intended to watch the show from the audience. However, she knew she would miss being part of the group and the performance if she didn’t audition. “I knew this would be a fun show, and I just couldn’t resist auditioning.” Since joining the Players in 2008, Frost has acted in more than 30 productions. This will be Frost’s fifth play to hit the stage at the Brown Grand Theatre, but is only one of eight full-length plays she has written. She has four additional plays in the works as well.

Whitney Jones, current Players Board President since 2021 and director of the show, plays the role of Princess Nivia. “This performance has definitely been a new challenge,” says Jones. “We have students from every school in Concordia, and coordinating this many schedules has been the biggest challenge by far.” She says she has enjoyed watching everyone’s unique talents as they have brought their not-so-simple characters to life. “To say the Players are like a family for me is an understatement,” she continued. “I’m proud and honored to be directing another performance at the Brown Grand Theatre.” This will be her eighth production that she has directed for the Players, and she has been involved in their productions since she joined in 2016. She has also been an active member of the Brown Grand Theatre Board of Directors since 2020.

Amanda Morgan is acting as Ruby, which will be her fourth performance with the Players. Morgan is an active Players member and currently serves as the Vice President of the Players Board. Morgan has been in thirteen stage performances throughout her acting career, and she says she wants to be involved in the theater community as much as she possibly can. “I joined the Players because I love the community of the Players, I loved theater in high school, and I missed acting.”

Chillbert the Yeti will be played by Katie Jones. Jones served as President of the Players Board from 2019-2021, and Vice President of the Board from 2021-2023 when she was voted as the Secretary/Treasurer. This will be her tenth performance with the Players, but she has been involved in theater since 1997 when she auditioned for her first high school play. She says, “Like

many of the others, I just can’t imagine a life without the theater. It has helped me to branch out of my comfort zone and try things I never thought I was brave enough to do. Much like my character, I’ve had to overcome a lot of self-doubt and fear, and having a supportive theater family surrounding me has always helped me to have the courage to keep trying new things.”

Other members of the cast include Justice Alexander, Logan Chance, Joshua Urban, Dorothy Breault, Becka Bottner, Leathan Stevenson, Jeremiah Johnson, Barrett Jones, Vanessa Brown, Cricky Warren, Shannon Best, Mikki Nelson, Zachary Chance, Asher Ross, Katarina Howell, Tia Strait, Layla Aggson, Bennett Metcalf, Kyndel Moeskau, Easton Seward, Killian Jones, and Lennon Mai.

Tickets will be available at the door before each performance, and are $8.00 for adults, $5.00 for students and veterans, and free for children age three and younger. All children and veterans get in for free for Sunday’s performance.

For additional information, please contact the Brown Grand at (785) 243-2553

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