Family in Wakefield Santa Receive Letters

Wakefield, KS- Children all over are preparing for Christmas, and one local family is helping keep the magic alive by helping them get their lists and letters to Kris Kringle.

Kasey and Audie McMurtrey are residents in Wakefield, Kansas and took it upon themselves to help the kids in their community be able to get their letters to Santa Claus.

Kasey says that they received a few letters within a few days of the box being installed, and she says they have been passed on to Santa and his helpers.

Their daughter Samantha Stiefel says that her mom just wants to be able to give back to others within the community and that this is the first time they have helped Santa out, but she expects them to be doing it for as long as they can.

If your child wishes to send Jolly St. Nick a letter, you can drop them off to 808 Grove Street in Wakefield, and Kasey reminds those that write to be sure to put a return address on the letter.

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Santa Claus/ Father Christmas

Kris Kringle

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*Photo courtesy of Samantha Stiefl and Kasey and Audie McMurtrey


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