Kansas Shows Optimal Visibility for Fireworks

With the Fourth of July almost here search volumes for “where to watch the fireworks near me” have increased by 250%. American Casino Guide calculated each state’s Bortle scale, a nine-level numeric scale that measures the night sky’s brightness of a particular location. Kansas shows favorable odds of optimal visibility for fireworks this Independence Day.

They also calculated each state’s fireworks expenditure per capita, and came up with some key findings:

  • Kansas ranks 3rd, with a firework expenditure of $10.70 per person last year.
  • Missouri had the highest firework expenditure per person last year, at $20.40, but ranks just 11th in optimal visibility (Bortle scale 1-3).
  • Massachusetts has the lowest firework expenditure per person at just $0.01, with just 12.40% of the state having optimal dark sky conditions.
  • Vermont has the most ideal conditions for watching fireworks, with 64.25% of the state falling into Bortle scale classifications 1-3.​

Article Credit: https://www.americancasinoguide.com/

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