Update on Plans with the Clay Center Zoo

Clay Center, Kan. — Back in December for Christmas, Clay Center Zoo held the first “Lights Before Christmas” fundraiser for the zoo bringing in around $100,000 for improvements inside the small-town attraction.
While the event was a huge success, Clay Center Public Utiliteis Superintendent Scott Glaves says material prices are still high so it might slow thing’s down still.

However, that doesn’t mean everything is on hold. Glaves said they have two projects planned for this year for the moment. One is the Aviary.

Another is a new facility to house three different enclosures for the bobcats, the artic foxes, and one other animal but they haven’t determined who the third will be but likely will be one of the existing animals from the zoo.
The zoo is also set to get a pair of cheetahs.

With the fundraiser being such a success, Glaves thanked the community for the help and said they plan to do the event again later this year.

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