KDWP Planning To Adjust Milford Lake, Others, Fish Harvest Regulations For 2024

By Quinn O’Hara

Photo taken by Quinn O’Hara

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks recently released the 2024 edition of their Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary booklet. This year’s edition lists several proposed regulation changes regarding slot limits for Blue Catfish. KDWP’s Milford District Fisheries Biologist Brett Miller said he has heard a lot of confusion from anglers regarding the proposed regulation changes for Milford Lake.

Miller said he recommended the specific updates for Milford Lake because of its large population of smaller Blue Catfish.

Several other lakes in Kansas also have proposed fishing regulation changes listed in the booklet. Miller said those changes, including the ones proposed for Milford Lake, are not currently in effect. Until the Kansas Legislature signs the proposed changes into law, Miller said anglers should continue to abide by the current slot limit regulations. Miller notes that anglers who have the KDWP’s mobile app will receive a push notification informing anglers of the changes should they be signed into law.

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