The KCC Urges Caution As Winter Storm Approaches

Topeka, KS– With the National Weather Service predicting the possibility of dangerously low wind chills – perhaps as low as 50 degrees below zero – and blizzard like conditions in the state on Thursday and Friday, the Kansas Corporation Commission is urging residents to take precautions.

KCC staff is monitoring the situation in terms of the reliability of the power grid and adequate energy supply. No severe reliability or market disruption issues are expected based on information available at this time. The KCC will provide updates as needed should situations warrant.

While there are no known reliability issues at this time, energy conservation, where possible, during a winter storm is always a prudent step and can help prevent outages and keep energy bills down.

The forecasted wind chills are also a threat to public health and safety.  The combination of wind and low temperatures can be deadly, resulting in frostbite and hypothermia. Residents are encouraged to stay inside whenever possible and keep pets indoor as well. If you need to be outside, experts recommend the following:

  • Stay covered, wear gloves and a hat
  • Dress in layers

All Kansans are encouraged to stay tuned to the latest forecasts and warnings, especially when making travel plans.

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