6th Annual Belleville 305 Nationals Brings Excitement to The Republic County Fair

The 305 Nationals in Belleville, Kansas have become an essential part of the Republic County Fair. The half mile dirt racetrack was created in 1910. With the racetrack being around for over a hundred years, some things have remained the same, while other things have changed, like the flat half mile track being turned into a steep, banked track.

Two nights of racing will take place. Nearly fifty people have pre-entered from various states, including Colorado, New Mexico and more. The 305 Nationals were created by United Rebel 305 Series founder, Rick Salem.

The race will take place August 4th and August 5th. There are several different monetary prizes that the competitors can win, including $250 for any car that takes a green flag Friday, and $550 for any car that takes one on Saturday. There are many promising contenders this year.

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