After 10 years, Dentist Returns Home to Abilene

By Ryan Duey

Abilene native, Dr. Beatrice Brittan, has returned to her hometown after 10 years to continue her passion for dentistry. Dr. Brittan left Abilene after graduating from Abilene High School in 2011. After living in various different states, she decided to come back home. She is now with Tallgrass Dental.

Passionate about giving back to the community that shaped her, Dr. Brittan is eager to contribute to Abilene’s well-being. She is particularly focused on education and preventive care, emphasizing the importance of proactive dental practices.

With a focus on both new technologies and fundamental practices, she offers a comprehensive range of services at Tallgrass Dental. From digital innovations to implant-driven procedures, Dr. Brittan is trained and ready to provide her patients with the best possible care.

Dr. Brittan stated that she really does see herself at Tallgrass Dental for the rest of her professional career.

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