Brown Grand Opera House Announces Participation in KS Tourism Sunflower Program

By Payton Tholstrup

The Brown Grand Opera House in Concordia, KS has announced it will be participating in the 2024 Kansas Tourism Sunflower Program. The Brown Grand was built in 1907 and is in downtown Concordia at 310 W 6th Street. It is a community-based theatre.

The Sunflower Summer Program was created for Kansas families with school-aged children. It encourages them to explore and fall in love with the state of Kansas. It gives affordable access to various tourism attractions across Kansas, in turn supporting the Kansas tourism economy. Eligible Kansas families can download the Sunflower Summer App and claim tickets to the participating venues. This year’s Sunflower Summer Program will begin on May 24th and end on August 11th.

Melissa Swenson, Director of the Brown Grand, expressed her excitement. “We are thrilled to be a venue for the 2024 Kansas Sunflower Summer Program. This opportunity allows us to welcome Kansas families to our attraction and provide them with an unforgettable experience.”

Kansas Tourism Director, Bridgette Jobe, also shared her thoughts. “This program is an amazing benefit for the residents of Kansas and we are looking forward to growing the program in the 2024 season.”

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