Ignoring Vehicle Recalls can be Risky: Check To Protect

Topeka, KS– More than 50 million vehicles on the nation’s roadways have unrepaired, open recalls that can lead to costly damages and put occupants at a safety risk. The Kansas Department of Transportation is joining the National Safety Council (NSC) in encouraging vehicle owners to use the Check To Protect program, which allows free repairs through an authorized dealer.

“What you don’t know can hurt you,” said Gary Herman, KDOT Behavioral Safety Manager, Bureau of Transportation Safety. “All car owners should regularly check for safety recalls, especially going into winter in Kansas. Failing vehicle parts can lead to life threatening injuries.”

The NSC warns vehicle owners to not assume recall notices will be sent by mail. Owners of older, used or vehicles not regularly seen for routine maintenance can be difficult to track down.

Checking a recall status should be part of routine vehicle maintenance and done at least twice a year. A vehicle license plate or the vehicle identification number (VIN) is required. VIN numbers are on the driver’s side dashboard or on vehicle registration/insurance documents. Then go to the Check To Protect website, https://checktoprotect.org. Anyone with a recall will be prompted to schedule a free repair at a dealer.

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