Riley County Police Department Preparing for Fake Patty’s Day Celebration

By Ryan Duey

The Riley County Police Department is planning ahead for the upcoming Fake Patty’s Day celebration in Aggieville, outlining preventive measures and enforcement strategies to city commissioners.

Scheduled for March 2nd this year, the event often has higher alcohol consumption, leading to various issues such as sexual assault, overcrowding, public intoxication, and traffic congestion. Police Director Brian Peete disclosed that the department would not seek external help this year, opting to rely on internal resources.

Mayor Wynn Butler urged a cultural redirection for the event, suggesting a departure from involving surrounding police departments. Concerns were raised by commissioners about participant irresponsibility. Discussions revolved around finding a middle ground between events like Fake Patty’s Day and calmer occasions like Oktoberfest. Mayor Butler proposed discontinuing support from the Aggieville Business Association due to the event’s negative connotations, signaling a shift away from its historical involvement.

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