Shake Rattle & Roll Music Group Visiting Clay Center

By Quinn O’Hara

Shake Rattle & Roll, a tribute group for 50s and 60s music, will be performing at The Rex Theatre in Clay Center on March 2nd.

Shake Rattle & Roll’s members are Tavie Spivey, LeAnn Bemis, Brenda Spencer, and Debi Comis.

LeAnn Bemis said her sister Tavie started the group.

In the years since, Bemis said the group, based in East-Texas, has performed in Texas, New Jersey, Missouri, and several other states. Bemis said the group has done performances in Germany and Switzerland as well. Bemis said their performance at The Rex will be the group’s second time in Kansas.

Bemis said Shake Rattle & Roll sings many songs popular during the 1950s and 1960s and mixes in a bit of a comedy routine alongside their performances.

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