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70th Annual Winter Concert

Bands performs the 70th Annual Winter Concert
On January 24th, 2023, the CCCHS Tiger Band and the CCCMS 7th & 8th grade Bengal
Bands will be performing the 70th Annual Winter Concert, sponsored by the Clay County Arts
Council. Through the years, we had wonderful clinicians like Doc Severinson, Todd Strait, Dr.
Frank Tracz, Dr.s Kerstetter, Rafael Mendez and many other known names from the music
world. The clinicians come to Clay Center for a 2 day residency, working with the CCCHS Tiger
Band and the CCCMS Bands. During their residency, they give the students feedback and clinic
them on their concert programs, but also answer questions about the life of a professional
musician and/or music educator on the college level. The conversations are rich and have great
educational value.

In Clay County we are thankful for the support through the Arts Council, who made the
clinician residency program possible. Thank you! Our concert will be on Tuesday, January 24th,
2023, at 7 pm, in the Martyn-Snodgrass-Auditorium, in the Clay Center Community High School.
This year’s clinician will be Dr. Phillip Payne. Dr. Payne comes to us from the Kansas State
University, where he holds the position of Professor and Chair of Music Education specializing in
Instrumental Music Education.The concert is free to the public.

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