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Becoming a Mom Class

The Clay County Health Department and March of Dimes Sponsor

Becoming A Mom Class 

Are you expecting a baby and  due in August, September or October? Beginning JULY 5th, the Clay County Health Department, in conjunction with the March of Dimes, is offering a FREE class called Becoming a Mom. To help support and prepare future moms and dads for the hard job any human can do.

Becoming a Mom will be offered every other Tuesday Night in the Clay County Health Department Meeting Room. The group will meet from 7-8, with the first session being held from 6:00 to 8:00. Free childcare will be available, and nutritious snacks will be served.

Whether you are experiencing a pregnancy for the first time, or the fourth, each experience is different and can create new challenges and concerns. Becoming a Mom is open to both to new or experienced moms and dads, and provides them with the opportunity to develop a support network of other parents who will have children of the same age.

Becoming a Mom will be taught by Nikki Burwell, RN. Classes will address topics such as what to expect during labor and delivery, how to be successful with breastfeeding, and how to calm your baby. Guest Speakers will offer a Labor and Delivery Show and Tell, Tips on Self Care During and After Pregnancy, and Tools for Identifying and Dealing with Postpartum Depression.

All participants will receive special gifts for their participation by earning points for attending each session. The class will conclude with a baby shower for participants where they can redeem their points for gifts including, but not limited to, diapers/wipes, diaper bags, strollers and Pack n Play.

Participation in Becoming a Mom is limited to ten families. Register now by call the Clay County Health Department at 785-632-3193.

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