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Clay Center Red Cross Community Blood Drive

The Clay Center Red Cross Community Blood Drive will be held Friday, September 23rd at
the Catholic Parish Center from 8:30 am to 2:15 pm. This drive will be by appointment only.
Please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time, not more than 15 minutes early
and not more than 15 minutes late.
Please call 1-800-733-2767 or visit redcrossblood.org to schedule an appointment. To speed
up your appointment, you can fill out your Rapidpass before you come. You can do this on
your computer at home and print out the rapidpass or you can download the Blood Donor App
onto your phone and fill it out and bring in your phone. If you have the Blood Donor App on
your phone, you get your digital donor card, can schedule your next appointment, track your
lifetime donations, view your blood pressure and follow your donation on its way to a hospital.
Please consider giving, especially if you have type O blood.
Those that race to give blood will automatically be entered to win a NASCAR racing
experience, thanks to Sports Clips. Also you will receive by email a coupon for a free haircut by
Sports Clips. Visit RedCrossBlood.org/RaceToGive.

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