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Socks 4 Seniors

Meadowlark Hospice Collecting Socks for Seniors throughout Clay, Cloud, Riley, Washington, Republic, and Marshall Counties throughout November.

Meadowlark Hospice Volunteers are collecting Socks for Seniors this November. The project was created to bring cheer and new socks to warm the hearts and cover the cold feet of seniors. Socks must be new adult socks of any type or style. Socks will be collected and distributed in the communities Meadowlark Hospice serves. Collection sites for socks in Marshall County include AREX Drug in Marysville, Community Memorial Hospital, and Yungeberg Drug in Blue Rapids. Collection sites for socks in Clay County include Meadowlark Hospice, Clay County Medical Center, Clay Center Family Physicians, Ferguson Rexall Drugs, Patterson Health Mart Pharmacy, and AGI Hutchinson Mayrath. Collection sites for socks in Washington County include The Washington County Hospital, Washington Health Mart Pharmacy, Linn Family Physicians, Citizens State Bank in Hanover, and Union State in Barnes.

In December, the socks will be distributed to recipients of Meals on Wheels, Friendship Meals, and to home health patients.

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