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Squirrel Jam Returns to City Park

The bandstand in Marysville’s City Park will be home to Squirrel Jam, Sunday, September 18, from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Musicians are invited to share their musical talents at the jam.  Solo performers, duets, quartets and full bands are all invited to perform; musicians may come with prepared songs or may jam with other artists to create new music on the spot.  Even though the event is scheduled for three hours, musicians may come for any part of the jam session.

The event is sponsored by the Marshall County Arts Cooperative.

This is the fifth year the arts cooperative has sponsored Squirrel Jam.  The event brings musicians together to share their talents and to entertain the crowd.

“Musicians attending should be prepared to meet friends, both new and old, and get ready to play a little bit of anything,” said Jerry Horton, one of the musicians helping organize the event. “Audience members should be prepared to be entertained, enjoy performances by your friends and neighbors, clap, tap your toes and maybe even sing along.”

Musicians will check in with the coordinators and place their names on the performance list.  Depending on the number of musicians attending, each performer can expect to play for about fifteen minutes.  Musicians will be able to play alone or jam with others.

“One of the great things about a ‘jam’ is that you get an opportunity to play with other musicians and music styles you might not have had a chance to explore before,” Horton said. “We encourage musicians to bring their instrument and jump on stage to support their fellow entertainers.”

Not only is the event for musicians, it is also for those who want to hear live music. Those attending Squirrel Jam are allowed to bring non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to the event.  People should bring their picnic blankets or lawn chairs so they can enjoy great music.

The event hopes to attract families who will spend the afternoon in the park.  Additionally, organizers hope people will bring new community members to the outdoor concert.

“This event is informal,” said Sally Oliver, the arts cooperative’s vice president.  “You get to hear live music and watch local musicians play together.  At the same time, it’s easy to sit with friends and carry on a conversation while listening to the music.  We encourage people to bring someone new with them – whether that’s a new coworker or a neighbor, bring them along.”

For information about Squirrel Jam, people may contact the arts cooperative at 785-859-4260.

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