Home Events Washington County Community Foundation Match Madness Month in May

Washington County Community Foundation Match Madness Month in May

Community Foundation announces Match Madness Month in May

WASHINGTON, Kan.— The Washington County Community Foundation will host Match Madness, a county-wide giving month, in May.

For the month, all donations to the Washington County Opportunity Fund at the Washington County Community Foundation will be matched from a minimum pool of $7,000 in matching funds thanks to these generous local companies: Citizens State Bank, Central Valley Ag, Herrs Machine Hydrostatics, and Union State Bank. Additionally, donations to ALL funds in May, except donor advised, will be matched by the Patterson Family Foundation up to $70,000. All Match Madness gifts are tax-deductible.

Donations can be made in one of three ways:

  1. Give online at washingtoncountycf.org anytime in May.
  2. Mail gifts to the foundation at PO Box 24, Washington, KS 66968, postmarked on or before May 31.
  3. Deliver cash or check donations to a Community Foundation board member on or before May 31: Bill Slater, Chad Hiltgen, Kay Bott, Tina Uhlik, Shellie Baxter, Dylan Goeckel, Debra Hatesohl, Doris Nanninga, Kathy Richter, Mike Peters, Debra Tillinghast, or Steve Wieters.
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