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Wheat Variety Plot Tours

The River Valley Extension District is once again hosting several wheat variety plot tours this year on Wednesday, June 5th. Several K-State Wheat Production Specialists and industry partners will discuss the performance and adaptability of numerous wheat varieties, including several new releases such as KS Mako and KS Bill Snyder. Four separate sessions will be held throughout the day. Anyone interested can join in on any or all of the sessions.

The North Central Kansas Experiment Field will be kicking off the day at 7:30 AM at their wheat variety plot 1 mile west of Belleville on US-36, focusing discussion on the impacts of wheat streak mosaic virus and other diseases on the winter wheat crop this year. Polansky Seed will be showcasing their variety plot at 10:00 AM 1 mile east of Belleville on US-36 and will conclude with a complementary lunch for participants. At 3:00 PM, discussion of varieties will take place at AJ Carlson’s extension cooperator plot 2 miles east of Morganville and 1/2 south of KS-80 on Limestone Rd. After that, at 5:00 PM, Ohlde Seed will be showcasing their variety plot 3 miles east of Palmer on 4th Rd. Ohlde Seed also invites all participants to join them for supper afterwards at the American Legion in Linn.

For more information, please contact Luke Byers, River Valley District Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Agent, at 785-632-5335 or by email at lsbyers@ksu.edu. We hope to see you on June 5th!

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