Grow Clay County Announces Downtown Music Campaign

Clay Center, Kan. — Outdoor dining and music are coming to downtown Clay Center after the city council recently approved the new ordinances.
Grow Clay County is now announcing they have raised $16,000 to install six speakers and the distribution system. They plan to have the sound system installed before Piotique around the Courthouse.

Natalie Muruato, Grow Clay County Director, said back in 2017 K-State looked at downtown revitalization and one of the recommendations to enhance the area was a music system.

The blue stars outline the approximate location of where the first six speakers will be installed. The additional eight speakers are represented by the red circles.

Plans call for eight more music systems but the total cost of the Project is $31,000. So businesses in the downtown district and others across the community can donate to the downtown music project.

Muruato is hoping to get the order in for speakers swiftly with a current shortage of microchips. If not, the additional speakers could be delayed until 2023 or beyond.

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