Manhattan Group Launches App to Help Food Insecurity

Manhattan, Kan. — Restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores have an over-abundance of food, and all too often, the extra food goes to waste. But one group has developed an app to put the meals to better use rather than just ending up in the dumpster.

Food businesses can hop on an app called ChowMatch and put in the amount of excess food they have, then matches with food assistance organizations in that area who can take the food at that time, give it out to those in need.

Vickie James is the Food & Farm Council for Riley County and the City of Manhattan Coordinator. She said one of the biggest impacts within the first three weeks of the implementation is the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables to people’s diets.

For now, the program needs more restaurants to volunteer to donate food, and for people to help deliver the extra food.

You can find more information on how to help at

During a Riley County commissioner meeting in April, 21,239 residents struggled to access food in the county alone.

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