Ambulance Service Coming to Northern Riley County

Riley Co., Kan. — The topic of an ambulance service in North Riley County came up during the county commissioners meeting Thursday.
At the beginning of the meeting, commissioners discussed the community meeting held last Thursday on February 10th and the impact it had on them.

Commissioner Greg McKinley said they voted unanimously to have an ambulance service in that portion of the county but it won’t be right away.

The paramedics and SUV wouldn’t be set up at til they hired two more paramedics. They will be stationed at the Leondardville Fire station. The plan though is to later have an ambulance in the area once one they have ordered comes in which is expected this summer.

EMS/Ambulance Director David Adams said he contacted the manufacturer and they currently have a two year wait for new ambulances.

His hope though is to have a facility by the end of the year. The facility will likely be in Leondardville and Randolph.

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