Breaking the Silence: Challenging Societal Norms to Prioritize Men’s Health and Well-being

By Trish Svoboda

Society’s norms often hinder men from prioritizing their health, perpetuating the idea that toughness means enduring physical and mental challenges without seeking help.

Holly Miner from K-State Research and Extension’s Wildcat District highlighted how men delay addressing symptoms or seeking preventive care due to these societal expectations. She emphasized the importance of early detection through preventive screenings to catch health issues before they escalate. As people age, changes in stamina and overall health can be difficult to accept, making proactive health management crucial for better health outcomes.

Taylor Lee is a family and community wellness agent in Atchison County. He said that when it comes to health, “it is better to be proactive than reactive.”

“As a male myself, I know that it can become easy to worry more about your loved ones and less about your individual health. Taking care of your mind and body by eating a healthy diet, staying active, and getting preventive screenings ensures you are taking steps towards long-term health.”

Men are urged to prioritize their health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and preventive screenings, to ensure long-term well-being. Addressing prolonged pain and discomfort promptly is crucial.

Men face higher risks of suicide, cancer, and heart disease compared to women, with cancer and heart disease being the leading causes of death. Seeking timely help for both physical and mental health issues is vital to prevent worsening conditions.

Miner highlighted that taking care of one’s health not only benefits oneself but also demonstrates care for loved ones.

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