The American Red Cross Gives Advice to Avoid Getting Sick During the Big Game

By Trish Svoboda

As millions prepare for the big game this weekend, the American Red Cross stresses health precautions during peak cold and flu season. Matt Trotter, Regional Communications Director for the Red Cross in Kansas and Oklahoma, urges staying home if sick and emphasizes proper handwashing techniques.

“No one wants to catch a cold, the flu a foodborne illness. You don’t have to call an audible on your whole gathering to keep yourself and your guests safe. Taking a few simple steps can keep everyone healthy and make you the gameday MVP,” said Trotter

Tips that are advised for those hosting parties include:

· Use plastic cups and provide a way for people to identify their drinks.

· Give every dish a utensil for serving, including those snack dishes like nuts, chips, pretzels, etc. This allows people to spoon out their portion instead of reaching in with their hands.

· Make sure there is plenty of soap in the bathroom. Instead of a hand towel, use disposable hand towels or a roll of paper towels.

· Move your event from your home to a different location if someone in your household becomes ill. · Study these food safety tips from the CDC.

Tips for those attending parties include:

· Avoid sharing food and utensils.

· Avoid sharing a cup with anyone.

· Avoid greeting friends and family with handshakes or other greetings that involve touching.

· Celebrate game day safely — don’t drink and drive.

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