Clay Center Pool Drained: Plans to Open on Time

The pool at the Clay Center Aquatic Park was drained to fix a small leak, said City Council member, Phil Kasper. It is being refilled today, May 23rd.

The repair should not interfere with the pool’s scheduled opening date of May 27th.  Pool Manager, Rayleen Dreher, said that a heater will be in use to help raise the water’s temperature.

“It’s really a nonissue,” Kasper said. “We knew we probably had a small leak last summer and worked on it last year,” he said. “Nobody was trying to hide anything. We were fairly certain we were going to have to drain it.”

Kasper said that in order to pinpoint the leak, they first had to fill the pool.  

“The thing is, the pool is now 10 years old and it’s going to start needing some repairs and that’s where we’re at with it. The money is in the budget and we’re going to maintain it just like you would with your own pool.”

The leak was in a pipe under the pool deck, he said. It was plugged and patched so the pool can be refilled. The work was completed by the Clay Center Parks and Rec Department.

“It should be open with no issues; in the fall we’ll look again and see if there’s anything else we need to do.”

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