Senator Jerry Moran Challenges VA’s Community Care Decisions: A Call for Better Access and Autonomy for Veterans in Rural Regions

By Trish Svoboda

Jerry Moran, a U.S. Senator and the leading member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, interrogated a group of witnesses. This group included Peter Kaboli, the Executive Director of the Office of Rural Health at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The focus of the questioning was on the effects of the VA’s community care decisions on veterans in Kansas and other rural regions throughout the nation.

However, Moran expressed that there is a growing concern about the escalating situation and the rising number of instances where veterans express their desire to use community care through calls, letters, emails, or direct communication with his team, but are informed by the VA that this service is not accessible to them.

Senator Moran has previously addressed this issue with the VA and believes it can be rectified. He pointed out a concerning trend where veterans in Kansas might need to travel considerable distances to receive care at the VA. He emphasized that caution should always favor the veteran, affording them the autonomy to select their healthcare provider.

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