Kansas Authorities Stress Seat Belt Safety in ‘Click It or Ticket’ Campaign

By Trish Svoboda

No matter where you sit in a vehicle, The Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas Highway Patrol and Kansas Turnpike Authority remind motorists of the importance of wearing seat belts.

From May 15 through Memorial Day on May 27, law enforcement agencies in Kansas will participate in the national Click It or Ticket effort. Drivers will also be exposed to messaging illustrating the life-saving importance of wearing seat belts.

In 2023, over half of the individuals (134) who lost their lives in car accidents in Kansas were not wearing seat belts. Furthermore, in the same year, crashes resulted in serious injuries for 1,879 people, and approximately a quarter of these individuals were not buckled up. Studies indicate that correct usage of seat belts can decrease the likelihood of fatal injuries by 45-60% and serious injuries by 50%.

“Using a seat belt every trip is a small act that can make an immense impact in the event of a crash,” said Kansas Highway Patrol Col. Erik Smith. “Being properly buckled is proven to prevent serious injuries and gives each passenger the greatest chance of survival. The Kansas Highway Patrol is dedicated to ensuring travelers make it to their destinations safely.”

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