Riley County Residents Warned of Phone Scam

By Jayson Henderson

Reports have surfaced regarding a phone scam targeting residents of Riley County. Callers, claiming to be “Deputy Daryl Johnson” or “Deputy Johnson” from the non-existent “Riley County Sheriff’s Department,” have been reaching out to citizens. They falsely assert that a friend or coworker has been arrested and demand payment for bail using platforms such as Venmo, CashApp, or Apple Pay.

It is crucial for the public to know that the Riley County Police Department (RCPD) does not solicit money or personal information over the phone. Additionally, the Riley County Sheriff’s Department, as claimed by the scammers, does not exist.

Residents are urged to exercise caution when receiving unexpected phone calls requesting financial transactions or personal information. Verifying the legitimacy of such calls before taking any action is strongly recommended to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities promptly.

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