The City of Washington Needs Citizens LMI Surveys As Soon As Possible

By Ryan Duey

The Washington Park Committee is asking all City of Washington households who have not completed their LMI survey to please complete it and return it to City Hall ASAP. The City is attempting to qualify for Grant Funding for the playground project with your help, through completed surveys.

To qualify, they must have more responses. Our goal is to have the completed LMI surveys returned no later than Monday, May 6th. If they aren’t able to reach their goal, the option to apply for Grant Funding will, unfortunately, be eliminated.

The City asks that you please return your surveys, as it could help finance a new park with grant funds, which would be a huge benefit to the community.

If you can’t find your survey, the committee would be happy to provide a new one, as well as envelopes and stamps if you’d like to mail them directly to the North Central Regional Planning Commission for tabulation.

Every survey response helps us get closer to our goal. Please contact the City Office or Park Committee members with any questions or concerns.

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