Cloud County Volleyball, Baseball Teams Named Burnell Ukens Academic Teams of the Year

The Cloud County Community College volleyball and baseball teams are the winners of the 2022-2023 Burnell Ukens Academic Teams of the Year Awards. The awards are given to the women’s and men’s T-Bird athletic teams that finish the year with the highest overall team GPA.

The volleyball team finished the year with the best overall GPA among the twelve sports at Cloud County. They finished with a 3.58 GPA. The baseball team earned the second highest GPA of the twelve, at 3.50.

The award for the volleyball team is their eighth overall and their second Burnell Ukens Academic Team of the Year honors in the past three years.

This marks the seventh consecutive year that the baseball team has had the highest team GPA on the men’s side.

The award, which began in 2008-2009, is named after Cloud County Community College employee and ambassador, Burnell Ukens. From 1965-1995, Ukens was a valued member of the faculty at Cloud, teaching mathematics. He also was the first Athletic Director for eight years and started the tennis program in 1971, which he was the head coach of. He also helped with other sports, including track and field and baseball. The award is an honor to the teams who show academic excellence in the classroom.

Burnell Ukens Academic Teams of the Year Winners by Year
2008-2009: Men’s – Cross Country, Women’s – Indoor Track & Field
2009-2010: Men’s – Basketball, Women’s – Cross Country
2010-2011: Men’s – Basketball, Women’s – Volleyball
2011-2012: Men’s – Soccer, Women’s – Softball
2012-2013: Men’s – Soccer, Women’s – Softball
2013-2014: Men’s – Outdoor Track & Field, Women’s – Basketball
2014-2015: Men’s – Basketball, Women’s – Volleyball
2015-2016: Men’s – Cross Country, Women’s – Volleyball
2016-2017: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Volleyball
2017-2018: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Volleyball
2018-2019: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Volleyball
2019-2020: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Softball
2020-2021: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Volleyball
2021-2022: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Softball
2022-2023: Men’s – Baseball, Women’s – Volleyball

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