NCCER Instructor of the Year Award Recipient Shares Insights

By Jayson Henderson

Photo: USD 383, Manhattan High School FB Page

Danny Grater, the recent recipient of the NCCER Instructor of the Year award, shed light on his achievement in an interview. The award, facilitated by AGC of Kansas with build up Kansas, honors educators contributing to skill enhancement through national accredited certification processes.

Grater, a mentor associated with Build Up Kansas, was nominated for his dedication by Brad Starnes, a former Superintendent he worked with. Grater has been teaching since 2010, initially at Riley County for eight years before transitioning to Manhattan. He has been instructing NCCER curriculum for the past four years.

Reflecting on the significance of the award, Grater remarked, “It means a lot. It’s a thank you for all the hard work. You know, getting these kids credentialed and working through the software and system is not easy.”

Grater emphasized the value of students leaving not only with academic credentials but also with practical skills crucial for employment opportunities. He stated, “The fact that my kids can leave with not just college credit, but they can leave with a credential that has their knowledge and helps them get hired and move on to the next level is meaningful to me.”

Beyond his educational pursuits, Grater has a decorated history in wrestling, having been a three-time undefeated state champion in high school and a two-time all-American at Fort Hays. Reflecting on his wrestling journey, Grater shared, “I got started when I was about four years old… I naturally got rolled into it at a young age and fell in love with the sport.”

Looking ahead, Grater’s focus remains on continuing his teaching endeavors, ensuring the maximum number of students gain necessary credentials for future endeavors. He aims to impart the knowledge he acquired through sports and education to the next generation, fostering growth and development.

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