Results of Smoky Valley High School JV Tennis Tournament April16, 2024

By Jayson Henderson

Individual Results:

– #1 Singles: Robert Hendrickson – 5th Place (2-1), only loss to Bortzfield of Buhler 6-3 who won tournament.

– #2 Singles: Keagan Schurle – 3rd Place (2-1), only loss to Campbell of Buhler 6-4 who won tournament.

– #1 Doubles: Mason Mellies/Luke Hauserman – 2nd Place (2-1), lost to Isaac Ayala/Pierce Keller of Smoky Valley 6-1 in Championship match.

– #2 Doubles: Caden Peterson/Tarin Pfizenmaier – 5th Place (1-2), defeating teammates AJ Van Cleave/JJ Boze 0-3 who finished 6th Place.

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