Royals Hall of Fame Weekend Celebrates Legends

By Jayson Henderson

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Royals Hall of Fame Weekend will honor the exceptional contributions of Cedric Tallis, John Schuerholz, and Bo Jackson from June 28-29.

On Friday, June 28, a pregame ceremony will induct Cedric Tallis and John Schuerholz into the Royals Hall of Fame. Tallis, the former General Manager, played a key role in building the Royals’ foundational teams, signing legends like George Brett and Willie Wilson. Schuerholz, who succeeded Tallis, constructed the team that won the Royals’ first World Series and signed Bo Jackson.

The celebration continues on Saturday, June 29, with Bo Jackson’s induction. Known for his extraordinary feats in both baseball and football, Jackson’s remarkable athleticism left an indelible mark on the Royals.

These inductions honor the legacy and impact of these individuals on Kansas City Royals baseball.

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