Royals Remain Hopeful Despite Tough Loss to Angels

By Jayson Henderson

The Kansas City Royals faced a tough loss against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium, with Cole Ragans encountering a challenging night on the mound. Despite the loss, the Royals remain hopeful, acknowledging their upcoming opportunity to secure a series victory. Manager Matt Quatraro expressed confidence in the team’s potential, particularly with American League ERA-leader Seth Lugo set to pitch in the next game.

Ragans struggled early in the game, allowing the Angels to capitalize on some opportunities, notably a three-run homer by Jo Adell. Despite the setbacks, Ragans managed to regain his composure and pitch into the seventh inning. However, the Angels capitalized on a four-run inning after Ragans’ departure, securing their lead.

Reflecting on the game, Ragans highlighted the importance of maintaining focus and readiness for the next challenge. The Royals, led by players like Bobby Witt Jr., emphasized the need to learn from the experience and quickly shift their focus to the next game.

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