Several Chiefs Fans Undergo Amputations Due to Frostbite After Frigid NFL Game

By Jayson Henderson

Several Chiefs fans have undergone amputations due to frostbite following the frigid NFL game between the Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins on January 13th. The game, which took place at Arrowhead Stadium, experienced extreme cold temperatures, with a kickoff temperature of -4 degrees and a wind chill of -27.

Research Medical Center in Missouri reported performing amputations on a dozen people, primarily on fingers and toes, as a result of frostbite sustained during the game. Emergency services provided aid to 69 individuals during the game, with three hospitalized for frostbite and seven for symptoms of hypothermia.

More surgeries for frostbite injuries are expected in the coming weeks as injuries continue to evolve. The game ranks as the fourth-coldest in NFL history, leaving a significant impact on attendees, particularly those who suffered frostbite.

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