Abilene Set to Add Housing for Older Adults

By Ryan Duey

Abilene is set to get new housing units for older adults by the end of 2024. Abilene Court, as it will be called, will be a 32-unit housing unit built by Mennonite Housing of Wichita.

The housing unit will be built East of Holm Automotive on the North Side of the city. This project is possible in part of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program, created in 1986. Giving areas in need tax credits for the building or rehabilitation of lower-income housing.

The homes will be 2-bedroom slab units with a 1-car garage. Each unit will meet the State’s energy requirements as part of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

These units will be available for adults 55 years or older. Applicants will need to meet certain income requirements to be approved for housing. Rent will be based on income and unit availability.

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