American Red Cross Launches Red Cross Month to Celebrate Local Heroes

By Trish Svoboda

The American Red Cross, serving Kansas and Oklahoma, is beginning its yearly Red Cross Month celebration in March to honor local community heroes who play active roles in ensuring that their neighbors never confront crises alone.

First taking place in March 1943, Red Cross Month is a nationwide tradition that began when President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued the first Red Cross Month proclamation, and that every U.S. president has continued, according to a news release.

“During Red Cross Month, we are proud to honor the people in our community who step up to support one another when help can’t wait during emergencies,” said Alice Townsend, Regional CEO for the Red Cross serving Kansas and Oklahoma. “This relief and hope wouldn’t be possible without these local heroes. Please consider joining in their commitment by donating, volunteering, giving blood or platelets, or taking a lifesaving skills course.”

Ninety percent of the national Red Cross workforce is comprised of volunteers alongside blood, platelet, and financial donors, individuals trained in essential skills like first aid and CPR, and other dedicated supporters. Nearly 34,000 people have taken Red Cross training courses.

There are several ways individuals from the Kansas-Oklahoma Region have provided relief through the Red Cross, including:

· Distributed over 30,000 meals immediately following severe storms that left thousands without power in Tulsa.

· Provided shelter, food, water, supplies, and comfort to Oklahomans affected by April tornadoes.

· Responded to over 1,100 local disasters in the current fiscal year.

· Contributed over 60,000 units of blood through donations. Join the Red Cross Month celebration by visiting to make a financial donation, give blood or platelets, become a volunteer, or take a lifesaving skills course. Those who donate at on March 27 will be part of the 10th annual Red Cross Giving Day, which aims to rally 30,000 supporters nationwide to help provide shelter, food, relief items, emotional support, and other assistance for people affected by disasters big and small.

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