Ascension Via Christi Continues to Restore Electronic Patient Documentation Post-Cyberattack: Ensures Patient Safety Amid Ongoing Challenges

By Trish Svoboda

After a recent cyberattack, Ascension Via Christi said that all Wichita hospitals and AMG clinics, as well as its hospital in Pittsburg, have restored access to its electronic patient documentation.

Ascension said this should improve waiting times, as most hospital departments, physician offices, and clinics are now able to access electronic documentation and charting.

Ascension continues to work on restoring access at its hospital in Manhattan, and its health center in Wamego.

In an update on its website, Ascension stated, “Despite the challenges posed by the recent ransomware incident, patient safety continues to be our utmost priority. Our dedicated doctors, nurses, and care teams are demonstrating incredible thoughtfulness and resilience as we use manual and paper-based systems during the ongoing disruption to normal systems.”

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