BBB Issues Warning: FLL Shipping’s Re-Shipping Scam Endangers Job Seekers and Their Personal Information

By Trish Svoboda

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning against FLL Shipping, formerly known as First Lane Logistics US LLC and FL Ship, due to a re-shipping scam that endangers job seekers and their personal information. Over the past month, the BBB has been contacted more than 1,300 times about these entities.

People have reported being hired for remote package handling jobs involving receiving, repacking, and shipping parcels, but they have not been paid.

“FLL Shipping” came to the BBB’s notice in early March due to numerous Scam Tracker reports all leading to an address in Winfield, Kansas. Over the past month, there have been 1,347 inquiries about FLL Shipping, triggering an extensive investigation.

Individuals seeking employment reported receiving communication from HR representatives of FLL Shipping for the position of “Shipment Analyst”. They were under the impression that their resumes had been chosen from job listing platforms like Indeed. Following a “Screening Interview”, these individuals were requested to share confidential data, including banking information, as part of alleged hiring protocols. However, after a month of employment, they discovered they were locked out of their work accounts and were unable to establish contact with the company.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has confirmed that the address in Winfield, Kansas, which FLL Shipping declared as its main office, is inaccurately assigned. The legitimate owner of the property has denied any association with the company. Although they are registered with the Kansas Secretary of State, the actual whereabouts of these organizations continue to be a mystery.

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