Belleville hosts Mentors on the Move

By Ryan Duey

Belleville Chamber & Main Street has begun hosting a program called “Mentors on the Move,” aimed at showcasing residents of Belleville who are making an impact in the Community.

“Mentors” are individuals or groups of community members who are investing their time in Belleville as they continue to work on the revitalization and growth of the Community.

Chamber & Main Street’s first “Mentors” were business owners Dan and Monica Douglas, owners of Belleville True Value Hometown Lumber. They highlighted the upswing in growth and spoke of reinvesting in the Community they grew up in.

Katy Duryea of Belleville Chamber & Main Street says they hope to set up a Mentors on the Move Program every few months.

This Program is an opportunity for residents to share their experiences and successes in the continued revitalization of Belleville.

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