Belleville Location Selected For Electric Vehicle Charging Station

By Payton Tholstrup

Governor Laura Kelly announced on Wednesday, January 3rd, that over $4.6 million in federal funding will go to six locations selected in Kansas for the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program. While there there are already existing charging stations across I-70 and I-35 in Kansas, the new stations will fill in gaps along major highways and interstates in the state.

One of the first locations that has been chosen is Love’s Travel Stop in Belleville, Kansas.

Governor Kelly expects that more electric cars and trucks will make their way onto Kansas roadways. “They will need access to adequate charging facilities. With these awards, we’ll ensure electric vehicle charging stations are accessible to all Kansans for local and long distance trips,” she said.

There are some requirements for the charging stations. First, they must be along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors and available every fifty miles within one travel mile of the AFC. They must be capable of providing at minimum 600 kw of power and be able to charge four vehicles at the same time. The stations must be accessible to the public and provide amenities like restrooms, food and drinks, and shelter from possible inclement weather.

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