Ben Foster, Twin Valley CEO Appointed as Officer on National Broadband Association Board

By Ryan Duey

Twin Valley CEO Ben Foster has been appointed as the Secretary/Treasurer on the National Broadband Association Board for NTCA. NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association represents broadband companies that build and connect essential services in rural and small-town communities across America.

We asked Ben about joining the Board and what he hopes to accomplish during his time as an Officer on the Board. Ben said that we are in a transitional time with the government allocating almost a billion dollars to help serve rural communities.

Ben’s mission is to make sure these funds are fairly distributed among the Broadband Companies. Many new companies are popping up that may not have the communities’ best interests in mind. These new companies can make it tougher for established, community-based companies, like Twin Valley, to get the needed grants to serve these rural communities.

Ben and his Board members of NTCA are there to represent underserved communities on a national level. Ben will use his experience and knowledge as CEO of Kansas’s largest independently owned broadband company to continue advocating for rural communities.

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