City of Abilene in Water Watch Due to Low Water Tables

By Ryan Duey

As of July 5th, Abilene is under a water watch, urging residents to reduce outdoor water use due to low water tables. City manager Ron Marsh highlighted the impact of a multi-year drought starting in 2021 and higher water consumption rates compared to other cities.

Abilene’s average water usage is 160 gallons per person daily, exceeding the regional average of 92 gallons. The water watch is the first stage in the city’s drought response plan, which progresses to stricter stages if conditions worsen. The city’s goal is for a 30% reduction in water use during a watch and a 50% reduction during an emergency.

The city’s water comes from the Sand Springs Aquifer and Smoky Hill River Alluvium, with wells supplying several large tanks. Low water tables have already led to the shutdown of four wells.

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